Children living in underprivileged communities in India do not have proper shoes to protect them from infections on the ground. This can cause huge problems such as amputation, sicknesses, and in severe cases even death. Shoes can cause a great obstacle for these children, which is why iSparkle has conducted shoe drives to help relieve this obstacle. 


New Delhi is notoriously known for their freezing cold winters. Children living in underprivileged communities in India rarely have any clothes to protect themselves for the winters. These winters can lost for months and for these months they are expected to focus in school when they can't even keep themselves warm. iSparkle has conducted clothing drives to donate over 1000 pieces of warm clothing to children living in slums in India. 

School Supplies Drives

These children hardly have enough school supplies to keep themselves organized for school. iSparkle, with the help of Berkeley Hall School has donated over 500 school supplies to children living in the slum, so they may enhance their learning experience. 


iSparkle has collected over 8000 books to donate to children in a school in a slum in New Delhi India. Books can be quite expensive, and learning a language requires you to practice and read, how can they do that when they don't even have the resources to do so.



During the pandemic, iSparkle has recognized that there are many obstacles that children living in Los Angeles face when it comes to their education. Our founder Ameerah, has recognized that many children of Indian heritage do not find themselves connected with their culture. They are unable to speak their language or relate back to their culture. She decided to teach Hindi to students living in Los Angeles, in hope that she can reconnect the back with their heritage. The money that she receives from these classes goes back to iSparkle to fund further projects. Currently Ameerah has raised over 5000 dollars from these classes for iSparkle. 


Children living in Los Angeles attending zoom school, find it difficult to study due to the fact that they are living in smaller houses doing zoom with other children in the same room, and the fact that they do not have means to buy themselves a pair of headphones. iSparkle has recognized this and has partnered with Crete Academy  in Inglewood, California to donate over 200 pairs of headphones to all the students who attend this school.